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We’ve moved!

Our Library has recently redesigned its website, and now, all of our discussion blogs are hosted on-site.    So, while we will leave this WordPress blog up, so that readers may see archived posts, if you’re looking for new posts and material (as of March 1, 2014), please visit us at our new location:  http://www.lislelibrary.org/sciencefictionfantasy

We hope you’ll come see us at our new blog, and add us to your feed!


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One of our group was kind enough to pass this along to me (thank you!!), so I’m posting it here for everyone.  She was reading the news and came across this item, on The Guardian, about some Doctor Who episodes that have been discovered in Nigeria.

“About time: Nine ‘lost’ Doctor Who episodes discovered in Nigeria — BBC says nine episodes not seen on TV for 40 years – including The Web of Fear – were found in Nigerian TV studio”

Here’s something directly from the article:

The recovered material includes four episodes of six-parter The Web of Fear, a “quintessential” Doctor Who story in which the Time Lord battles robot Yetis spreading a poisonous fungus on the London Underground. Only episode three is still missing. It also features the first appearance of Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, a popular recurring character on the series and its spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures for the next 40 years.

Nine of the 11 episodes found at a small TV facility in Jos, Nigeria, were among the 106 “lost” 1960s episodes of Doctor Who that feature Troughton and the first Time Lord, William Hartnell – the other two were copies of episodes already in the BBC archive.

The discovery was made by Philip Morris, executive director at Television International Enterprise Archive, who specialises in tracking down missing TV and cinema archive material and is referred to in the industry as the “Indiana Jones of the film world”.


It just goes to show that you never know what you’re going to discover next.   Check out the entire article for the full info!

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One of our book group members forwarded me this article about Monsanto, which has been in the news lately regarding biotech crops, genetically modified seeds, etc.   She thought it was especially interesting, considering our discussion of The Windup Girl, where seed modification and large corporations was a major theme in the story.

The Reuters article begins with “A review of 926 diplomatic cables of correspondence to and from the U.S. State Department and embassies in more than 100 countries found that State Department officials actively promoted the commercialization of specific biotech seeds, according to the report issued by Food & Water Watch, a nonprofit consumer protection group.” — so if this sounds interesting to you, click on the link to read the whole thing.

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There’s still time to get a ticket for the screening of Alien: The Director’s Cut on Thursday, May 16th.   I just checked and they are still 51 people below where they need to be to actually have the event.   You have until May 9th to get a ticket —- click HERE for the full info.

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I’m posting this up, in case anyone is interested:

Alien: Director’s Cut  Thursday, May 16 9:00pm – 11:27pm
in Woodridge, IL at Hollywood Blvd. – http://www.atriptothemovies.com/index.php?src=
$10.00 General(There is a one item minimum purchase per person required – full menu, bar & to-your-seat service is available throughout the film.)
NOTE: This movie event will only happen if enough people pre-register!
Go online to reserve your ticket ASAP: https://www.tugg.com/events/3815, and then invite anyone else who might be interested!
Note: the website asks for a credit card for the $10, but they won’t charge it until the event is definite… and they need 62 more people to commit by Thursday, May 9 to make it definite!

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Stephanie from our group was kind enough to send this my way (thank you!!!!) , so I could share it on the blog for everyone to see.    The full article appears HERE on The Guardian  — but here’s a teaser:

Ray Canterbury, a Republican delegate, is appealing to the West Virginia board of education to include science fiction novels on the middle school and high school curriculums. “The Legislature finds that promoting interest in and appreciation for the study of math and science among students is critical to preparing students to compete in the workforce and to assure the economic well being of the state and the nation,” he writes in the pending bill.

“To stimulate interest in math and science among students in the public schools of this state, the State Board of Education shall prescribe minimum standards by which samples of grade-appropriate science fiction literature are integrated into the curriculum of existing reading, literature or other required courses for middle school and high school students.”

“I’m not interested in fantasy novels about dragons,” Canterbury told Blastr in a recent interview. “I’m primarily interested in things where advanced technology is a key component of the storyline, both in terms of the problems that it presents and the solutions that it offers.”

A fan of Isaac Asimov and Jules Verne, Canterbury believes that “one of the things about science fiction is that it gives you this perspective that as long as you have an imagination and it’s grounded in some sort of practical knowledge, you can do anything you wanted to”.

Definitely makes for some interesting, and thought-provoking, reading.   If the schools in West Virginia ever want suggestions, I’m sure our group can give them a list of great titles.   🙂

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Hi Gals and Guys,

If you have not already guessed I try to stay well informed when it comes to environmental and climate change issues.  SO, with that being stated here are a few snip-it’s that I found interesting and some articles that relate to the basic idea of the quote referenced.


  • ‘…research clubs in Des Moines.’ Page 2


A wonderful info graphic that shows where our seed comes from, I highly suggest that you read.  I would also suggest that you watch the video midway down the page and take a quick glance at each company’s web page.  I know that it has been edited but it is still worth a view.

  • ‘…illegal dung fires.’ Page 3


A clean cook stove that burns found wood not just charcoal and can help prevent deforestation and carbon emissions.

  • ‘…spending millions to produce trash that will cost millions more to destroy.’ Page 11
  • ‘Pollen wafts down the peninsula in steady surges; bearing AgriGen and PurCal’s largest genetic rewrites, while cheshires….’



http://www.dailytech.com/Monsanto+Defeats+Small+Farmers+in+Critical+Bioethics+Class+Action+Suit/article24118.htm  A really good article about contamination and cross-pollination in neighboring fields that do not use Monsanto seed. March 1, 2012

  • ‘.. .the winding man did not load enough joules.’ Page 63


http://www.passivehousemidwest.com/Home.html  ‘Passive houses’ that require no furnace. http://chicagotonight.wttw.com/2011/01/19/passive-house a spot from Chicago Tonight.

  • ‘…they undoubtedly tossed aside fruit that was even the slightest bit bruised’ Page 64




We already produce enough food to feed everyone on the planet plus more.  Above are some interesting articles and food facts.

  • ‘…light propane tank twice a day.’ Page 67


Not about lighting propane tanks but in many countries the water is turned on only twice a day.  Every year illegal water pumps are confiscated in India.

  • ‘And then came the oversight of power contracts trading in pollution credits and climate infractions’ Page 121

http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-pollution-credits-20121120,0,1417750.story  California’s first carbon-credit auction.  Nov. 20, 2012

  • ‘Jadee passes a woman selling bananas’ Page 121

http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2008-06/can-fruit-be-saved  A live science article about how the banana is going extinct.  Funny how in this world we do not have peppers but the banana strives.

  • Algae-based fuel on sale in Bay Area


  • I also highly suggest you watch the documentary Food Inc.


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