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Since we are a science fiction & fantasy group, and many readers are interested in science and science-y things, I’ve created a new category for Science, and will now be including science and science-esque posts.

Amanda very nicely sent this my way (click on the link for the full article):  That this scientist has as idea for biotechnology — bugs that can eat pollution, for example.

Here’s a quote from the start of the article:

Each of the bugs will have a mission. Some will be designed to devour things, like pollution. Others will generate food and fuel. There will be bugs to fight global warming, bugs to clean up toxic waste, bugs to manufacture medicine and diagnose disease, and they will all be driven to complete these tasks by the very fibers of their synthetic DNA.

Right now, Venter is thinking of a bug. He is thinking of a bug that could swim in a pond and soak up sunlight and urinate automotive fuel. He is thinking of a bug that could live in a factory and gobble exhaust and fart fresh air.

Cool, yes?  To learn more, here’s the LINK again.  And thanks, Amanda!!


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