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One of our group was kind enough to pass this along to me (thank you!!), so I’m posting it here for everyone.  She was reading the news and came across this item, on The Guardian, about some Doctor Who episodes that have been discovered in Nigeria.

“About time: Nine ‘lost’ Doctor Who episodes discovered in Nigeria — BBC says nine episodes not seen on TV for 40 years – including The Web of Fear – were found in Nigerian TV studio”

Here’s something directly from the article:

The recovered material includes four episodes of six-parter The Web of Fear, a “quintessential” Doctor Who story in which the Time Lord battles robot Yetis spreading a poisonous fungus on the London Underground. Only episode three is still missing. It also features the first appearance of Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, a popular recurring character on the series and its spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures for the next 40 years.

Nine of the 11 episodes found at a small TV facility in Jos, Nigeria, were among the 106 “lost” 1960s episodes of Doctor Who that feature Troughton and the first Time Lord, William Hartnell – the other two were copies of episodes already in the BBC archive.

The discovery was made by Philip Morris, executive director at Television International Enterprise Archive, who specialises in tracking down missing TV and cinema archive material and is referred to in the industry as the “Indiana Jones of the film world”.


It just goes to show that you never know what you’re going to discover next.   Check out the entire article for the full info!


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