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Since we are a science fiction & fantasy group, and many readers are interested in science and science-y things, I’ve created a new category for Science, and will now be including science and science-esque posts.

Amanda very nicely sent this my way (click on the link for the full article):  That this scientist has as idea for biotechnology — bugs that can eat pollution, for example.

Here’s a quote from the start of the article:

Each of the bugs will have a mission. Some will be designed to devour things, like pollution. Others will generate food and fuel. There will be bugs to fight global warming, bugs to clean up toxic waste, bugs to manufacture medicine and diagnose disease, and they will all be driven to complete these tasks by the very fibers of their synthetic DNA.

Right now, Venter is thinking of a bug. He is thinking of a bug that could swim in a pond and soak up sunlight and urinate automotive fuel. He is thinking of a bug that could live in a factory and gobble exhaust and fart fresh air.

Cool, yes?  To learn more, here’s the LINK again.  And thanks, Amanda!!


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Yes, it’s another Scalzi post — this time, with something really nice to listen to.  Straight from John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever — and nicely finishing up his Planet JoCo sessions.   For the full info, skip on over to Whatever and check it all out.

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We would like to invite you and your family to participate in our Library’s 2012 Summer Reading programs.

Throughout June and July, there will be plenty of fun for all ages, with special Summer Reading Programs designed especially for Babies, Kids, Teens and Adults.  For our younger readers (and listeners), participants receive fun prizes for completing the program, including a book of their choice to keep.  Teens have their choice of two programs, or may register for both the Teen program and the Adult program.

For Adults, our Between the Covers program will offer some great raffle prizes, including books, DVDs, gift certificates, and more.  Read or listen to the minimum of three books and receive a dreamy, ceramic Library mug.  Log more than three books and increase your chances to win one of our raffle prizes at our Summer Read Party!

On Friday, August 3rd, our Adult Summer Read Party will be celebrated with fun, food, and prizes, including a special door prize.

Signup begins on Saturday, June 2nd at our slumber party-themed kickoff party, but you may sign up and participate at any time from June 2nd through Friday, July 27th.   We will have a special giveaway for patrons who sign up for the Adult/Teen program at the kickoff party, as well as a special raffle prize on that date.

For more information, please visit our website at www.lislelibrary.org or call us at 630-971-1675.

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I saw this on John Scalzi’s blog, so passing it along to everyone — for his Chicago tour stop to promote his new book, Redshirts, he’ll be at the Wheeling Public Library on June 10th.

It is a FREE event, but the library is asking people to register — so if you’re planning on attending, please click THIS LINK to visit the library’s calendar page, and then click on the event for June 10th and register yourself.

The library’s request for registration makes total sense to me — they need to know how many people to set up for, etc., etc.   So, if you’re thinking you’re going to see John Scalzi on June 10th, please register.   Thank you!!

You know you want to see this man … in person…. up close

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As you can see from this post on Tor.com, about Journey to Planet JoCo …..    interview sessions where John Scalzi talks to Jonathan Coulton.   I’m planning on listening to a few of these over the weekend, so I thought some of you might also be interested.


This would explain why John Scalzi never got back to me ….. I had emailed him about our reading Old Man’s War, and got no response ….. it’s not that he doesn’t love us — he’s obviously just super-busy.  

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Saw this on today’s HuffPost, so thought I’d pass it along.     Here’s a quote from Michael Giltz’ review:

In short, Robinson’s story is gripping, funny, and rich with vivid characters — like the “small” Inspector Jean Genette and the imperturbable, frog-like Warham. It describes a possible future in such vivid and exciting ways you can’t wait for it to arrive.

Sounds like a good read — and it’s here at the Library!


2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson          SF-F ROB

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Don't Panic and Carry a TowelFriday, May 25, 2012 is Towel Day, celebrating the legendary Swiss Army Knife of the well-equipped galactic hitchhiker in honor of the late Douglas Adams. Be sure you know where yours is!

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